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Serial number is the last six digits of your Product Identification Number.

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Kit Number Tractor Models Engine

LG180 445 (Serial no. 000001 thru 082370) Kawasaki FD620D-AS01
LG181 318 Onan P218
LG182 STX38, STX46 Kohler CV12.5, CV13, CV14, CV15
LG183 170, 175, 240, 245, F510 (requires extra qt of oil), GT242, LX172, LX176 Kawasaki FC420V, PA420A
LG184 LX178, LX188 Kawasaki FD440V, FD501V
LG185 180, 185, 260, 265, 325 (Serial no. 000001 thru 070000), F525 (requires extra qt of oil), GT262, GT275, GX325, LX186 Kawasaki FC540V, PA540A
LG186 345 (Serial no. 000001 thru 096209) Kawasaki FD590V, FD611V
LG187 425 (Serial no. 000001 thru 090419) Kawasaki FD620D
LG188 445 (Starting with serial no. 082371) Kawasaki FD620D-ES01
LG189 455 Yanmar Diesel 3TNA72UJ, 3TNA72C
LG190 GT235, GT235 EOE, LT166, LT170, LTR166, LX288, SST16, SST18, Sabre 1642HV, 1646HV, 1842GV/HV, 1846HV, 1848GV/HV, 2048HV Briggs & Stratton 16-, 18- and 20-hp V-Twin Vanguard
LG191 GT225 (Serial no. 000001 thru 060000), LT133, LT150, LT155, LTR155, LX173, LX177,LX255, SST15, Scotts S1642 Kohler CV12.5, CV13, CV14, CV15
LG193 Sabre 1438GS/HS, 1538HS, 1542GS/HS Briggs & Stratton 14-, 14.5-, 15-, 15.5-hp Single, 14.5-, 15.5-hp Intek OHV
LG194 Sabre 2254HV Briggs & Stratton 22-hp V-Twin
LG195 325 (Starting with serial no. 070001), LT180, LTR180, LT190, LX277, LX280, LX288 (Starting with serial no. 090001), GT235 (Starting with serial no. 090001), GX325 Kawasaki FH500V, FH531V and FH580V
LG196 Sabre 1642GS/HS, 1646HS, 1742GS/HS, Scotts S1742 Briggs & Stratton 16-hp Single, 17-hp Intek OHV
LG197 LX279, LX289 Kawasaki FD501V
LG199 L130, G100, G110, Sabre 2554HV, Scotts GT2554HV (2002), S2554 Kohler CV25, CV730
LG227 Sabre 1948GV/HV, 2148HV, 2354HV, Scotts S2048, S2348 Kohler CV225, CV23S
LG230 L120, Sabre 1846HMS, 2046HV, Scotts L2048 (2002), L2548 (2002), S2046, S2546, S2548 Briggs & Stratton 18-, 20- and 25-hp Intek V-Twin
LG237 425 (Starting with serial no. 090420) Kawasaki FD620D-GS02
LG238 345 (Starting with serial no. 096210), GX345 Kawasaki FD611V-ES01
LG239 Sabre 14.542GS (2002), 1642HS (2002), Scotts L1742 (2002) Briggs & Stratton 14.5-, 16- and 17-hp OHV
LG240 L110, GT225 (Starting with serial no. 060001), LT160, LX266, Sabre 17.542HS (2002), Scotts L17.542 (2002) Kohler CV460S, CV490
LG243 X495, X595, X595 SE Yanmar 3TNE74C
LG244 X485, X485 SE, X585, X585 SE Kawasaki FD711D
LG245 X475, X575 Kawasaki FD671D
LG246 X465 Kawasaki FH641D
LG248 Gator CS and CX Compact Utility Vehicles Kawasaki FE250D, FE290D
LG249 GT245 (Starting with serial no. 130001), GX255 (Starting with serial no. 140001), GX335 (Starting with serial no. 140001) Kawasaki FH601V
LG250 GT245 (Serial no. 000001 thru 130000), GX255 (Serial no. 000001 thru 140000), GX335 (Serial no. 000001 thru 140000), 335 Kawasaki FH601V
LG251 L100 Briggs & Stratton 17-hp OHV
LG263 John Deere Model Z425 (Serial no. 000001 - 040000), LA135, LA145 Briggs & Stratton
LG262 LA100 Briggs & Stratton
LG264 Z245, Z425 (Starting with serial no. 140001 and up), LA165, LA175 Briggs & Stratton
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